Fundamentalism in US military?

March 31, 2009

Islam fundamentalis … sebutan seperti itu sering kita dengar dilontaran oleh pemerintah dan militer Amerika dalam kampanyenya untuk memerangi apa yang mereka anggap sebagai teroris … Saya tidak akan membahas apakah merea yang dicap sebagai Islam fundamentalis itu adalah teroris atau bukan (saya pribadi menganggap bahwa justru pemerintah Amerika di bawah kepemimpinan George Bush itulah yang layak disebut sebagai teroris terbesar abad ini … ) … namun di sini saya hanya ingin menginformasikan bahwa ternyata … di dalam tubuh militer Amerika… ada juga yang namanya fundamentalism lho … dan jelas bukan dari kalangan Islam yahh … Inikah yang namanya senjata makan tuan … ? 😀 … Untuk jelasnya … berikut kutipannya … :

Fundamentalism in US military?
19 Feb 2008, 0058 hrs IST, AFP

WASHINGTON: Since his last combat deployment in Iraq, Jeremy Hall has had a rough time, getting shoved and threatened by his fellow soldiers.
The trouble started there when he would not pray in the mess hall.

“A senior ranking staff sergeant told me to leave and sit somewhere else because I refused to pray,” Hall, a 23-year-old US army specialist, told.

Later, Hall was confronted by a major for holding an authorized meeting of “atheists and freethinkers” on his base. The officer threatened to discipline him and block his re-enlistment. “He said: ‘You guys are being a problem and problems can be removed’,” Hall said. “He was yelling at us and stuff and at the very end he says, ‘I really love you guys, I want you to see the light’.”

Now Hall is suing the major and secretary of defense Robert Gates, accusing them of breaching his constitutional rights. A campaign group, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, is waiting for the Pentagon to respond to a lawsuit filed in a Kansas federal court on Hall’s behalf.

It alleges a “pernicious pattern and practice” of infringement of religious liberties in the military.

The group’s founder, former air force lawyer Mikey Weinstein, said he has documented 6,800 testimonies by military personnel — nearly all of them Christians — of attempts to make them accept a fundamentalist evangelical interpretation of Christianity.

“I am at war with those people who would create a fundamentalist Christian theocracy in the technologically most lethal organization ever created by our species, which is the US armed forces,” he said. He plans to add extra charges this month. “It violates title seven of the US code for an employer to push their Biblical world view on an employee,” he said.

Sumber : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

Oh ya … bagi teman-teman muslim yang mau mengetahui lebih jauh tentang kerancuan istilah “FUNDAMENTALISME ISLAM” … bisa baca lin berikut … :



  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Fundamentalis muncul karena tekanan dan ketidakpuasan. Lalu siapa yang menekan dan yang menyebabkan ketidakpuasan, tentunya semuanya bisa menjawab,

  3. Ehm … Kristen Fundamentalis yang berkembang di dalam tubuh militer Amerika Serikat … muncul karena tekanan dan ketidak-puasan dari apa ya … ??? … Saya bener-bener nggak tau kok … 😦

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